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Shampoo Bowl Basin Tub


  • Weight:1000g
  • Color:blue and pink
  • Material: PP + TPE
  • Size: 48 * 43 * 31cm


  1. WASH HAIR ANYWHERE: Mobile Salon is perfect for those who need a hair wash in bed or anywhere else. This revolutionary rinse tray is a shampooer for professional stylists, caregivers and more.
  2. NO MESS: Adjustable channeling flaps and a grooved design keep all water and hair flowing neatly and down into sink or wash basin. Easy for washing hair lying down; perfect for the elderly or disabled.
  3. GREAT NECK SUPPORT: Mobile Salon is the most comfortable shampoo basin available. Adjust the comfort cushion contour to the desired neck position for any user sitting, lying down, or in a wheelchair.

Package Contents:
1 * shampoo basin
1 * water pipe