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Cofoe Foot Bath Pack


  • Material: Ai Ye
  • Model Number: 10g*20packs
  • Item Type: Foot Bath Powder
  • Application: Body
  • Product name: Coffee Foot Bath Powder
  • Quantity: 20 packs/box
  • Function : 

Remove toxins, Soften blood vessels, Promoting blood circulation,
Remove blood stasis,Promote the blood running,Have strong immunity

Dispelling cold and clearing damp, Promoting blood circulation and sleeping

Using Method:
1. a normal use 1-3 packages.If the bubble to the calf part can put 1 package.
2. foot bath is about 15~20 minutes each time, the water temperature around 45 degrees
3. Best advice is to soak the foot 1 hours before bed
4.Dry your feet gently massage after
5.Have foot bath is a great help to sleep

Package Included:
20pcs Natural Ai ye Foot Bath Powders(one box)