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Cofoe Foot Bath Pack



Remove toxins, Soften blood vessels, promoting blood circulation,
Remove blood stasis, Promote the blood running, Have strong immunity

Dispelling cold and clearing damp, Promoting blood circulation and sleeping

Using Method:

  • 1. A normal use 1-3 packages.If the bubble to the calf part can put 1 package.
  • 2. Foot bath is about 15~20 minutes each time, the water temperature around 45 degrees
  • 3. Best advice is to soak the foot 1 hours before bed
  • 4.Dry your feet gently massage after
  • 5.Have foot bath is a great help to sleep


  • Material: Ai Ye
  • Model Number: 10g*20packs
  • Item Type: Foot Bath Powder
  • Application: Body
  • Product name: Coffee Foot Bath Powder
  • Quantity: 20 packs/box

Package Included:

  • 20pcs Natural Ai ye Foot Bath Powders(one box)

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