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Baby Swimming Ring


Baby Swim Floats got the inspiration from the lifebuoy of the ship. The inflatable swimming ring is a water toy, it's easy to break and leak, which can easily cause accidents such as drowning.

This non-inflatable swimming ring successfully solves these problems. There is no air leak or breakage without inflation. There will be no risk of drowning caused by air leaks.

✔️【TPU】The baby floats without smells of chemicals. High-quality swimwear fabric and TPU film wrap which looks like leather but touches like skin. Fast dry and the bacteria are hard to breed on this foam baby swim float.
✔️【3D】soft cloth outside, Similar to swimsuit fabrics. Soft, breathable, elastic
Pearl foam inside, fully sealed waterproof membrane in middle(easy dry)


Keep your little one safe & give them confidence in the water! This Baby Swimming Trainer will help parents be hands-free, allowing you to enjoy the water and have fun with your little ones.

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