100PCS Disposable Sterile Acupuntur Needles


Ships From: CHINA


Feature & Description:

  • The Disposable Sterile Acupuncture Needle is carefully produced with the most popular new technology of the world, the needle handle made of stainless steel tube, nice, easy to use, quality stable, reliable, the tip is smooth, sharp. Needle high strength, good toughness, the needle Handle, needle, body structure are in unique design, an effective solution to the needle body easy and needle handle from the loose problem.
  • The needle insert into the Skin quickly, no pain, the patient easy to accept.
  • Disposable Acupuncture Needles can be used once only. Not reuseable.
  • Sterile acupuncture needles "has been sterilized". Don't use if the bag has been damaged.
  • This product should be stored at a relative humidity <80%, non-corrosive gas and well ventilated place. Acupuncture needles are strictly prohibited from being stored in toxic, harmful, corrosive substances.
  • This product should be handled by acupuncture doctors or acupuncture practitioners with professional knowledge to use.

Package included:

  • 100* (Acupuncture Needles)

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